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hElp somEBoDy in还是on + somEthing?应该用哪个介...

help sb. in doing sth. 没有on + sth.应该用with help sb. with sth. it gives me so much help ( with ) my study

1、offer sth. to sb.正确 ,offer sth. to sb. = offer sb. sth. 2、一般用offer sth for sb 给某人提供,offer sb. sth. for some money,提出……钱的价格把某物卖给某人。 3、offer to do sth. (for sb. ),主动提出(为某人)做某事。 拓展资...

没有 只有help sb. (to) do sth.&help sb. with sth.


help sb with sth在某方面帮助某人做某事,help sb (to可加可不加)do sth 是帮某人做某事 二者意思相同,只是一个后跟名词,一个后跟动词原形。 Do you have to go to work this weekend? 这句话的中文意思是; 这个周末你不得不去上班吗?

have something in common with somebody 与某人有共同点 have something in common with somebody 与某人有共同点

sb. sth. sw. 老师特意强调的亲


see sb do sth.表示看见某人做某事,强调看到某人做事的全过程。 see sb doing sth.表示看到某人正在做某事,强调正在做。 如:I saw him get on the bus. 我看见他上了车了。 I saw a girl reading in the park. 我看见一个女孩在公园里读书

三、 介、副词短语 in the open air 在户外;在野外 on time 准时 at the ...4、 Be busy doing/with something 5、 Stop doing/to do/somebody from ...


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