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in ChArgE oF. 是什么短语?

in charge(of) having the care or management负 责 *Who is in charge here?谁是这儿的 负责人? *He'll take this affair in charge.他将主管这件事。 *Professor Chen is in charge of scientific research in our department. 陈教授负...

in charge of的意思是:负责,主管 see to的意思是:照料,处理,照看 两个词区别很大,前者指的是职位或岗位,后者是具体的任务,且意思不一样。 例句:Please see to the luggage(请照看行李)

对,区别主要在于(be)in charge of表示的是一种状态,而take charge of表示的是动作,如 He is in charge of this company.他管理着这公司。 He takes charge of this company.他接手管理了这个公司。

be accused of

Susan's vice-president in charge of new toys and games. Susan是主管新玩具和游戏器具的副总裁。 英语中职位前需省略冠词,in charge of new toys ...

A 试题分析:考察介词短语辨析。A负责;B由…负责;C纪念;D寻找;搜寻;句意:我可以和负责国际销售的负责人谈谈吗?根据句意说明A正确。点评:介词短语一直是命题者常设置的考点和重点,平时要加强记忆。本题的四个选项都很重要,尤其要注意四...

be in charge of 是短语动词 in charge of 是短语介词 in charge是介词短语 不能作谓语 ,如果作谓语就必须加be. 如 who is in charge here?

in the name of in terms of in the act of in the middle of in consequence of in consideration of in control of in favor of in front of in the interests of in the hope of in the wake of in view of

charge with 充电: 指控,控告: 使承担(任务、责任等): 使充满;使饱含;装满: in the charge of由…负责;由…掌管(表被动) in charge of负责;主管(主动)

in charge of 负责, 主管 in the charge of 由 ... 负责, 被 ... 主管 in front of 在 ... 前面 in the front of 在 ... 前部


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