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vpn品牌很多 例如:嘻游vpn 大陆海外节点都有

I love my grandparenst . My grandma is sixty-five years old now.She used to work in a factory near our home.She lives with us and help our famliy do some housework such as cooking for us since she was retired.My grandma gets on...


lovely 意思是,可爱的,有趣的 尤其形容老人有小孩子幼稚一面的,必须用这个

I love you, Pop," I love you too, John." John is four, and I'm his grandpa. I've 16 where the name “Pop” came from. He has called me this since he was able to talk, it was original to him. "We're17 , aren't we, Pop? He often sa...

You' re going to die and old, an old lady ... "Grandpa, were you a hero in the great war?...love the girl ,if our love have to be settled...

I love my grandpa. I often play (games) with them.


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